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When is Columbus Day in 2024 ? Date, Celebration in USA

columbus day date

Columbus Day which is observe every year on the second monday of October in USA Country so Current Calendar Year 2024 its to be celebrated on 14th Date of October.

Columbus Day is national holiday in Many countries of USA and elsewhere as its federal holiday in United states. This special occasion is celebrated in the anniversary of Christopher Columbus arrival in the americas.

This year:14 October 2024 Monday
Next year:13 October 2025 Monday
Last year:9 October 2023 Monday

In Which State of US does not celebrate Columbus Day ?

Columbus Day remains one of the eleven federal holidays and its an off day for state workers in 16 states but Florida, Alaska, Hawaii, Vermont, New Mexico, South Dakota and Maine don’t celebrate the day.


Columbus days is marks the anniversary of Christopher Columbus arrival to America on 12th Ocotober 1492. He was an Italian explorer who took three ships the Santa Maria, Nina, and La Pinta and sailed across the Atlantic Ocean looking for a faster way to get to the Far East and by accident landed in the New World. For the reason of that this days every year in USA celebrated as a landing of Christopher Clumubus’s Ships in the New Words.

Columbus Quotes

Imagination has brought mankind through the dark ages to its present state of civilization. Imagination led Columbus to discover America. Imagination led Franklin to discover electricity. L. Frank Baum

Nay, be a Columbus to whole new continents and worlds within you, opening new channels, not of trade, but of thought. Henry David Thoreau

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Upcming Year’s Date

Columbus Day 2025Monday, October 13, 2025
Columbus Day 2026Monday, October 12, 2026
Columbus Day 2027Monday, October 11, 2027
Columbus Day 2028Monday, October 09, 2028

Is Columbus Day a holiday in the US?

Since 1971 Columbus days is became the officially recognized as a federal holiday in the United states.

What are the 5 Facts About Columbus Day ?

  1. Historic Day: Columbus Day celebrates the arrival of Christopher Columbus in the Americas on October 12, 1492. This event significantly changed the course of history.
  2. Federal Holiday: Columbus Day is one of the 11 federal holidays in the United States. It is observed on the second Monday of October each year.
  3. Columbus’s Purpose: Christopher Columbus, a navigator from Genoa, Italy, aimed to find a western sea route to the Far East for lucrative spices. However, he unexpectedly ended up discovering the New World instead.
  4. Age of Discovery: Columbus’s voyage triggered European expansion in the Americas, leading to colonization that lasted for centuries.
  5. Controversy: While some celebrate Columbus as a hero, others criticize him for the suffering inflicted on indigenous populations. Native Americans and some Protestants express vocal opposition to the holiday.

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