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On What Date & Time to start Kentucky Derby 2025 ?

kentucky derby 2025 date and start time

Wheather you are fan of Horse racing you might following the news about Kentucky Derby 2025 but have you known about On What date and time Kentucky Derby 2025 start ? Here on this article we will provide the complete information about the Kentucky Derby 2025 Date and Time so enjoy the excitement of this iconic events and mark your calendar for the fanstic moments of horse racing.

Upcoming Year’s Kentucky Derby will be the 151th annual run for the roses at Louisville on 3rd May 2025. so the date is very near. You have to reserve your options to watch and became the witness of this spectacular moments of the horse shown or you will miss it many moments.

Know About Events

TournamentKentucky Derby 2025
Start Date3 May 2025
VenueChurchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky
TV CoverageNBCSN, FS2, NBC

Don’t miss out on this eagerly awaited Horse racing events! Here’s on this article we will provide the full info about where and how you can enjoy the 2025 Kentucky Derby live. As per recent tradition, The Kentucky Derby 2025 will take place on the first Saturday in May, which falls on May 3rd on 2025 year.

When we check out the timing of the Kentucky Derby 2025, the post time is set for 7:01 PM Eastern Time. This race of Kentucky Derby to be play in period of two minutes, so you must have to adjust for your own time zone and follow the events. Remember that time differences may vary to country by country, so don’t take any risk of missing out on the action just because you didn’t know the exact time to begin as per your timezone!

You must convert the actual kentucky derby time to your current timezone. This will help you to watch the Kentucky derby race live without missing a single moments and enjoy the action on your favorites screens.

Who are the early favorites for the Kentucky Derby 2025?

Till Now Upcoming 2025 Kentucky Derby odds not to be released yet but if keep an eye on top races in past years to gauge which competitors are showing their best at Churchill Downs. In 2024 Race, Fierceness and Sierra Leone both dealing with odds as high as +300 on race day.

On What Channel to be Broadcast

Some of the top sports TV channel will be stream the Kentucky Derby 2025. As per wiki and other sources, channel likes of NBC broadcast the 2025 Kentucky derby live in USA and various country. Apart of that NBCSN, FS2 and their apps also provide the race live stream on various device.

You can easily follow the above TV channels via Cables or paid service likes of Sling TV, Fubo TV etc. if you are outside USA kindly go with VPN service as they are help you to bypass the geo restriction and access the TV channels whereever you are from around the world or abroad country.

Tickets & Where to Stay

If you are looking to travel Churchill Downs – Louisville and Enjoy the Kentucky Derby directly from the venue then you must buy tickets before its sold out. You also have to check out the premier hotels to stay during the Kentucky derby. Check out Guide on How to Get Kentucky Derby 2025 Tickets, Top hotels and More here.

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